5 Reasons Teeth Cleaning Matters

Recent statistics show that fewer adults are going to the dentist every year in America. This is a troubling statistic because it shows that people have forgotten the importance of clean teeth. Living with clean teeth is one element of an overall healthy lifestyle. Sure it takes a little bit of diligence and attention to detail, but putting a little bit of time and money into healthy teeth every year is the only way to prevent rotting teeth and soft gums in old age.


A dentist can help maintain a clean mouth and gums in the long term. They can get into the areas that flossing cannot reach and make sure that no cavities are appearing in the dark depths of the molars. This kind of in-depth work is important for teeth to stay healthy. Given all the sugars in the average diet today, flossing once a week and brushing twice a day is not enough to keep teeth healthy and clean.

Perhaps people need a friendly reminder from their neighborhood dentist about the value of teeth cleaning. Here is a list of 5 reasons teeth cleaning matters. Regular teeth cleaning can:

1. Prevent Cavities - One of the most important functions of teeth cleaning is to prevent cavities. Cavities appear where plaque has taken hold and built up over months and months. Plaque is essentially a layer of sugar residue from food and drink that combines with naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth to form plaque. The plaque combines with acid in the mouth to eat away at the enamel, the outer shell of a tooth. This is the initial stage of a cavity, a condition in which the outer layer shell of a tooth is eroded by the combination of bacteria and plaque. They can become quite painful and get in the way of comfortable living. The best way to prevent cavities is to get regular cleanings.

1. Strengthen Gums - Regular cleaning also helps to strengthen gums. Gums can become very weak if not given enough attention. The most weak area is right at the base of the teeth where the gums overlap. Without regular flossing and regular cleaning sessions, this gum can become quite soft and weak - in some cases even leading to the gum disease Gingivitis.

1. Check On Overall Mouth Health - Aside from cavity prevention and strengthening of gums, getting a regular cleaning allows the dentist to see what other issues might be at play in the mouth.

1. Prevent Tooth Loss - Most patients have no idea when a tooth is beginning to get weak and potentially fall out. The only way to be sure about this Family dentist columbus kind of thing is to have regular cleanings with a dentist. There are many great family dentists in Columbus who offer package deals and a wide range of dental services.

1. Get A Bright Smile - The most obvious benefit of a regular cleaning is a bright and healthy looking smile.

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